Establish a Fund

Have you considered making a permanent impact in your community with your donation dollars?


  • Join our Builders’ Fund with a $2,000 donation to become an elite supporter of Oxford Community Foundation and receive ongoing recognition.
  • Already a Builders’ Fund member?  Consider transferring the balance to create a Named Endowment!  Named Endowments start at $10,000 and can be built over 5 years.
    • A Named Endowment within the Community Fund starts at $10,000 and can be built over 5 years.  The Grants Committee of Oxford Community Foundation will make the determination as to where the investment income from your fund is granted within Oxford County.
    • A Field of Interest Fund starts at $25,000 and can be built over 5 years.  With this fund, you direct the Grants Committee as to which area(s) of interest you wish to support in Oxford County with the investment income.
    • A Donor Directed Fund starts at $50,000 and can be built over 5 years.  This type of fund allows you to have a say in which group or organization receives the investment income from your fund.
  • The capital of all Endowment Funds will continue in perpetuity and the investment income generated from this capital will be granted on an annual basis.
  • If you find yourself in a taxable position and you wish you could have a say in how these dollars are spent, we can help.  Why send an impersonal cheque to the Government of Canada when you can create a Named Endowment Fund with the Oxford Community Foundation and help keep these dollars in Oxford County?
  • Life Insurance provides a simple way for you to give a significant gift to charity, with tax benefits that you can enjoy during your lifetime – consider making Oxford Community Foundation the beneficiary of your life insurance policy.
  • Are you in a position where you have to pay Capital Gains Taxes?  If you are, wouldn’t you like to have a say in how those dollars are directed?  A Named Endowment Fund could be your solution, especially since transferring securities would be eligible at the time of transfer for a charitable tax receipt of 100% of their value.

For more information on building a Fund, please contact Louise Wardrop, Executive Director, at 226-667-6404 or email

With a minimum donation of $50,000, a donor or designate may be involved in the decision making process regarding the disbursement of the investment income from their funds.  These funds may be either anonymous or named.
CAS of Oxford County Fund
The Lessif Family Fund
Lorna & George Roberts Donor Advised Fund

With a minimum donation of $25,000, a donor may designate specifically the charitable causes that they wish to support.  These funds may either be anonymous or named.  In the future, should the named causes no longer exist, the Foundation is bound to ensure that the original intent of the donor is met.
Dr I Patricia Brown Memorial Fund
Faith United Church/Operation Sharing Fund
Frank & Marion Smith Fund
Pat & Barry Smith Family Fund
The Oxford Manufacturers for Skill Development Scholarship Fund (OMSD)

With a minimum donation of $25,000, a donor may establish their own field of interest fund.  Donors may designate the nature of the causes to be supported by their fund.  These funds may be either anonymous or named.
Brian & Rosemary George Cultural Fund
Ken & Lynda Whiteford Fund

Hawkins Family Memorial Fund
Ross & Fran McElroy Fund

This fund accepts donations large or small and is designed to meet the changing needs of the County.  Each year, through an application process, the Board selects causes to be supported by the investment income generated by this fund.  For a minimum donation of $10,000, a donor may have a named fund within the Community Fund.
Alabastine-Wilkinson Fund
Doug & Yvonne Eckel Fund
Henning Hansen Memorial Fund
The Oxford County Environmental Legacy Fund (restricted)
Founders’ Circle Fund
Builders’ Circle Fund

Donors are welcome to create an emerging fund with an initial donation and a plane to reach the minimum required to achieve the threshold of one of the funds mentioned above.
The Joland Family Field of Interest Fund
Dawn Dennison Family Donor Advised Fund

The Foundation is prepared at times to use their resources to also act as a flow-through agent for someone wishing to make a donation to a specific cause.  One benefit of this fund is that it allows a donor to maintain anonymity should they choose.
London Community Foundation
2001 Canada Summer Games Endowment Fund
Harvey and Erma Beaty Donor Advised Fund

This fund is used to support the day to day operation of the Foundation.  Donations under $2,500 are directed to this fund.

THE FOUNDERS’ CIRCLE was successfully completed in 2010.  The participating individuals and groups have become a member of this exclusive circle of supporters by making a donation of $2,000 or more to the Oxford Community Foundation Founders’ Circle.

THE BUILDERS’ CIRCLE is an ongoing initiative seeking fifty Community Champions to donate $2,000 or more to build a fund of at least $100,000 to help grow our Community Fund.  The Community Fund is the backbone of any Community Foundation.  This fund has no restrictions and the investment income from this fund is available for the Grants Committee to use to address pressing needs in our community.  Builders’ Circle member names will be added to a new section of the plaque that hangs outside of the Council Chambers of Oxford County, and will perpetually be identified as a member of the Builders’ Circle in our annual reports.

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