Annual Reports & Newsletters

You can find annual reports, newsletters and press releases on this page.

OCF 2022 Annual Report
OCF 2021 Annual Report
OCF 2020 Annual Report
OCF 2019 Annual Report
OCF 2018 Annual Report
OCF 2017 Annual Report
OCF 2016 Annual Report
OCF 2015 Annual Report
OCF 2014 Annual Report 
OCF 2013 Annual Report 
OCF 2012 Annual Report 
OCF 2011 Annual Report 
OCF 2010 Annual Report 
OCF 2009 Annual Report 
OCF 2008 Annual Report
OCF 2007 Annual Report
OCF 2006 Annual Report 
OCF 2005 Annual Report

OCF 2023 Spring Newsletter  Spotlight on OCF’s first fund, the Alabastine-Wilkinson Fund
OCF 2022 Winter Newsletter  Spotlight on Oxford County Youth Fund
OCF 2022 Spring Newsletter Spotlight on Joland Family Fund 
OCF 2021 Winter Newsletter Spotlight on Thamesford Lawn Bowling Fund
OCF 2021 Spring Newsletter Spotlight on Student Awards
OCF 2020 Summer Newsletter Spotlight on Doug Eckel’s legacy and ECSF Grants
OCF 2020 Special Edition Newsletter  Announcing Emergency Community Support Fund $200k now available for granting
OCF 2020 Spring Newsletter  Spotlight on Maple Leaf Community Fund established by Harvey Beaty
OCF 2019 Fall Newsletter Introducing OCF Heroes Among Us Fund
OCF 2019 Summer Newsletter Spotlight on B&R George Fund
OCF 2019 Spring Newsletter Spotlight on Tyler Arts Legacy Fund
OCF 2018 Winter Newsletter Spotlight on Ross & Fran McElroy Fund
OCF 2017 Winter Newsletter Spotlight on the Founders & Builders Funds and the Pat & Barry Smith Fund

OCF Press Release 7Feb2022 MLF Grants Available
OCF Press Release 16Feb2021 Healthy Communities Initiative Funding Available
OCF Press Release 19Jan2021 $84,770 in ECSF Project Funded in Round 2
OCF UWO Joint Press Release 5OCT2020 Round 2 Emergency Community Support Funding (ECSF) Available
OCF ECSF Press Release 30Jul2020 $201,870 in ECSF Projects Funded in Round 1
OCF UWO Press Release 19May2020 Emergency Community Support Funding (ECSF) Available
OCF Press Release 22Apr2020 Opportunity to recognize COVID-19 Heroes
OCF Press Release Announcing Heroes Among Us Fund 25Nov2019
OCF RBC Release 7Aug2019 Announcing RBC Future Launch Grants for Youth Leadership

If you would like to request a copy of the Annual Report, please email us at with your mailing address.

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