2015 Grant & Scholarship Recipients

Total Grants & Scholarships for 2015
(including Cold Springs Farm Fund – Maple Leaf Inc.)

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ingersoll & Tillsonburg received a grant from the Alabastine-Wilkinson Fund to purchase a wall-mounted TV, and a grant from the Lessif Family Fund for their Big Bunch and Cops for Kids mentoring programs. BBBS is a youth mentoring organization that provides services for approximately 250 children per year by building positive relationships and increasing confidence for young children.

Photo provided by Big Brothers Big Sisters

Domestic Abuse Services of Oxford received a grant from the Alabastine-Wilkinson Fund to put towards a purchase of new bedspreads. DASO provides emergency services and shelter to victims of domestic violence in our community and the bedspreads make the accommodations more welcoming and are a small way to show that the community cares about their well-being and comfort.

Social Planning Council of Oxford received a grant from the Alabastine-Wilkinson Fund to put towards addressing poverty and improving the well-being of every resident. The SPCO wants to ensure that everyone has dignified access to healthy food and works towards the elimination of hunger in Oxford County. The grant was applied to determining if Oxford County could support Food Hub.

Victorian Order of Nurses Oxford received a grant from the Alabastine-Wilkinson Fund and from the Brian & Rosemary George Cultural Fund to put towards a purchase of Montessori kits. VON Oxford is a non-profit that provides 15 health care and support services programs, including an adult day program utilizing the Montessori kits to provide mental stimulation and improve the mood of dementia patients, while providing respite for caregivers.

Photos provided by VON Oxford


Jr Achievement of London and District received a grant from the Doug & Yvonne Eckel Fund to put towards their “Economics of Success” program in Woodstock.  This free financial literacy program was offered to fifty-six grade 8 students directly in their classrooms and encourage remaining in school.

The Navy League of Canada – Woodstock Branch 154 received a grant from the Doug & Yvonne Eckel Fund to put towards a purchase of refrigerator.  The Navy League is a completely volunteer organization that provides programs for approximately 75 youth in Woodstock.

Photo from Navy League Facebook page

The Oxford Historical Society received a grant from the Doug & Yvonne Eckel Fund to put towards a purchase of a printer/scanner after their aged machine broke down. The purchase a newer model printer/scanner saves them money on printer cartridges and allows people to print material related to history research in Oxford County.

Oxford Winds Community Concert Band received a grant from the Brian & Rosemary George Cultural Fund to put towards their music program.  They purchased new music scores for a Spring Concert that is generating new interest in the community. This non-profit provides an opportunity for all, from beginning to advanced, to make music and perform for hospitals, care centres, retirement homes, and more.

Oxford Winds
Photo from Oxford Winds Facebook page

The Woodstock Choralaires received a grant from the Brian & Rosemary George Cultural Fund to put towards a purchase lighting equipment for their concerts.  This allows them to perform in venues that done have the technology that they require. The Woodstock Choralaires has performed for over 1000 people each year for the past decade.

Photo from Woodstock Choralaires Facebook page

Woodstock Art Gallery received a grant from the Brian and Rosemary George Cultural Fund and the Dr Ross & Fran McElroy Fund to expand their successful “See You at the Movies” program.  They will be screening an independent documentary that has received international acclaim.

Westfield Public School in Tillsonburg received a grant from the Lessif Family Fund for their snack program.  While the ministry provides approximately 12-14 cents per child for the nutrition program, approximately 40-50 cents is actually required. The school’s Snack Committee are thankful for the grant and consider it a privilege to provide for the children.

Westfield 2015
Photo of Snack Coordinator Erika Marcoux by Megan Stacey (Sentinel-Review)

Fanshawe College received the Lessif Family Business Award from the Lessif Family Fund.

Woodstock Soccer Club received a grant from the Dr Ross & Fran McElroy Fund.

Woodstock Public Library received a grant from the Dr Ross & Fran McElroy Fund.

Presbyterian Cemetery received a grant from the Dr Ross & Fran McElroy Fund for maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery grounds.  The grant allows them to keep the grounds clean and respectful, and to support a local family.

Stewardship Oxford received a grant from the Oxford County Environmental Fund to maintain new trees at the Thames River Wetlands.  The organization partnered with the county to do conservation work on approximately 285 acres, particularly the reforestation on the flood plain.

Habitat for Humanity received a grant from the Oxford County Environmental Fund and from the Ken & Lynda Whiteford Fund for their Ingersoll Build for the Sweeney Family. This organization works with marginalized, low-income families to put homes together and provide them with an opportunity for home ownership.

Photo of Sweeney Family by Bruce Chessell (Sentinel-Review)

Ingersoll & District Nature Club received a grant from the Ken & Lynda Whiteford Fund that was used primarily for the stewardship of the Lawson Nature Reserve and community outreach. IDNC has provided presentations for children and adults on the topics of nature, reptiles, birds of prey, as well as interactive events such as the Frog Watch and Owl Prowl.

Woodstock Minor Hockey received a grant from the Hawkins Family Memorial Fund for their children’s programs.

Special Olympics Woodstock received a grant from the 2001 Canada Summer Games Endowment Fund for transportation costs.

Indwell (Homestead Christian Care) received a grant from the 2001 Canada Summer Games Endowment Fund for fitness equipment.

Zorra Girls Hockey received a grant from the 2001 Canada Summer Games Endowment Fund for trainer packs. These bags make attending games with all equipment easier for the volunteers and players. Zorra Girls Hockey has 9 teams and promotes fair play, collaboration, and active living.

Photo (left) provided by Zorra Fusion Girls Hockey; Photo (right) from ZFGH website


Oxford County Nutrition Partnership received a grant from the Harvey & Erma Beaty Cold Springs Endowment Fund to purchase kitchen equipment to run nutrition programs. Twelve schools received the benefit of this grant, making nutritional food available to all students, which in turn improves behaviour, memory, and student performance. Over 10,000 students receive the benefit of these programs.

Knox Presbyterian Church received a grant from the Dr I Patricia Brown Memorial Fund.

Operation Sharing Fund received a grant from the Frank & Marion Smith Fun.

Lorna & George Roberts Scholarship – $2,000.00
Received by L. Wilhelm, Huron Park Secondary School

Pat & Barry Smith Scholarship – $500.00 each
Received by J. Campos, Glendale High School
Received by K. Fraser, Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute
Received by H. Prudholmee, Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute
Received by A. Schwartzentruber, Woodstock Collegiate Institute

Hawkins Family Memorial Bursaries
Received by L. Hopson, Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute – $250.00
Received by D. Long, St Mary’s Catholic Secondary School – $250.00
Received by E. Haggith, St Michael’s Catholic Elementary School – $50.00

Oxford Manufacturers for Skill Development Scholarship – $500.00
Received by B. Clougy, Woodstock Collegiate Institute